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Preparing your home for sale

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Just as important as researching the market and finding the right agent to represent you and your home, it is equally as important to prepare your home prior to presenting it to the market.

We've all heard the saying: first impressions are lasting impressions. This couldn't be more true with real estate. Here are few key items to consider:

#1 - Make the front door inviting! Keep it simple - there is no need for decorative items all around the porch or front entry. Instead, you should consider putting a fresh new door mat on the outside and perhaps also on the inside and a fresh coat of paint if needed. At a minimum, ensure a properly functioning door knob, lock, door bell, and front lights. This all gives a buyer the message that the home they are about to enter has been cared for and maintained efficiently.

#2 - If you can live without it, store it away! Depersonalizing spaces allows potential buyers to come into a home and envision themselves living there. Most people's homes tell a wonderful story of their lives, which I absolutely love to experience. However, it is essential that buyers are able to envision their story unfolding in the space they hope to buy. So, take down personal pictures, certificates, minimize clutter on bookcases and tables, simplify furniture pieces to make spaces open to flow through, and organize closets and kitchen cabinets. In many cases you will find that this process will help you to prepare for the impending move as well as release some of the emotional attachment that we all create with our homes. Remember, buyers are buying the home, not your story.

#3 - Make it shine! It is essential that sellers take the time to walk through each room and do a quick inventory of any needed repairs. Anything from replacing a burned out light bulb to touching up paint to repairing a leaky faucet, it all makes an impact on the buyer's impression of the home. You do not want the buyer to leave and have the thing that differentiated your home from others was the burned out lights. Clean every surface of the home from top to bottom, from drapery to counter tops to floors to bedding, making sure everything is clean, fresh and shines.

As your agent, it is my primary job to sell your home or help you find a home....but, it's so much more than that to me. I work with homeowners to develop a plan, many times months ahead of time, to ensure that when we are ready to go to market we are in the best possible position with the best possible marketing plan to ensure we successfully reach each client's real estate goal.

If you are considering selling, let's talk. Let's get ready to get you sold!


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