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Results that matter...

As a real estate specialist, I believe the focus should always be prioritized on the investment potential of each transaction.  It is my goal to deliver beyond client expectations via cost and service levers by leading transaction processes with developed business strategies, effective communication, strategic negotiation, thorough research and analysis, engaging marketing plans, valuable vendor relationships, efficient challenge resolution, knowledgeable compliance adherence, streamlined methodologies, and overall business optimization theories to ensure the integrity of every investment.

Making sure the numbers make sense (or should we say cents!)

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58.6% equity increase - 35 months

2214 Brookwood Dr., South Elgin

Directed the operational process and developed of the investment strategy including; research and analysis, acquisition and divestiture, managed vendor relations, budget optimization, and creative marketing campaign for this property that led to a 58.6% return on investment in a timeframe of 35 months. (*Strategic marketing plan developed, executed, and delivered results with multiple offers within 24 hours.)

29.5% equity increase - 19 months

3 Tuileries, Elgin

Directed the budget optimization, search, procurement, and developed the marketing strategy of this property which led to a 29.5% return on investment in a timeframe of 19 months (*Strategic marketing plan executed and delivered results with multiple offers within 12 hours). 

Additionally, directed the secondary phase of research and analysis for procurement and negotiations of this clients next investment which led to an acquisition 35k below market value.


Chicago Agent Magazine - Highest Close*

5N155 Prairie Rose Dr., St. Charles

9.22% - annual equity increase

7N185 Whispering Trail, St. Charles

Directed and managed the procurement, development, and created the comprehensive marketing for this property which led to an annual 9.22% return on investment over the course of 6 years. (*Strategic marketing plan developed and executed results with a return of multiple offers within 30 days - pre-pandemic and luxury segment.)

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