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As a seasoned real estate consultant, my approach centers on unlocking the investment potential inherent in every transaction. My overarching goal is to exceed client expectations via costs and service levers through leading transaction processes with well-developed business strategies, clear communication, strategic negotiations, meticulous research and analysis, compelling marketing plans, valuable partnerships, effective challenge resolution, strict compliance adherence, streamlined methodologies, and knowledgeable business optimization principles. These strategies ensure the integrity of every investment, making sure that the numbers not only make sense but also make cents - adding significant value to your real estate ventures.

Over 58% ROI realized in South Elgin Illinois

58.6% capital gain - 35 months

2214 Brookwood Dr., South Elgin

Led the operational process and formulated an investment strategy encompassing comprehensive research and analysis, acquisition, development, divestiture, partnership management, budget optimization, and innovative marketing campaign for this property. These initiatives culminated in a remarkable 58.6% return on investment achieved within a timeframe of 35 months. Additionally, the implementation of a strategic marketing plan resulted in the generation of multiple offers within a mere 24-hour period, demonstrating the efficacy of our approach.

29.5% capital gain - 19 months

3 Tuileries, Elgin

Directed the budget optimization, research and analysis, procurement process, strategic negotiations, and crafted the marketing strategy for this property, resulting in an impressive 29.5% return on investment within a 19-month timeframe. Notably, the execution of a comprehensive marketing plan yielded multiple offers within a rapid 12-hour window, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

Furthermore, spearheaded the secondary phase of research and analysis to facilitate procurement and manage negotiations for our client's subsequent investment. Our meticulous and skilled process led to the acquisition of a property $35k below market value, underscoring our commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for our clients.

Over 29% ROI realized on Townhouse in Illinois
Hanna Gorka featured in Chicago Agent Magazine

Chicago Agent Magazine - Highest Close*

5N155 Prairie Rose Dr., St. Charles

9.22% - annual capital gain

7N185 Whispering Trail, St. Charles

Oversaw and coordinated the procurement, development, and comprehensive marketing efforts for this property, resulting in a consistent annual return on investment of 9.22% over a span of 6 years. Our strategic marketing plan, meticulously developed and executed, generated multiple offers within a swift 30-day timeframe, particularly noteworthy given the pre-pandemic market conditions and the property's positioning in the luxury segment.

This success underscores our ability to deliver results and capture opportunities in competitive markets.

Over 9% annual ROI realized YOY in St. Charles Illinois
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